Bold Homes / Epic Home Plans


We’ve been working with AR – Augmented Reality in the home design and architecture industry.  Our fist debut of the AR tech was at the 2018  Home and Garden show in Salt Lake City, Utah.  With so many ideas with AR, we focus on how it can be used for practical visual purposes.  AR in the Home Design industry gives clients that “visual” that is often missing with flat renders.  Not only that, but it’s cool to walk around a 3D model.

Ninja Chic


We created a complete animation from scratch for the Ninja Chic real estate team.  Our talented artists created the characters first before moving to the story boarding process. After that our animators went to work.  The end result was custom bookends for all of their video assets.

Precís Brows

We shot an on-site 4k video with the Precis Brow team.  We used state-of-the art cameras and drone equipment and produced this with our very talented in-house team.