About Us


Studio 11k, Inc has been in operations since 2016 building memorable brands and technology for dozens of happy clients. We are a bit different in the fact we provide a soup-to-nuts service. We not only consult…we design, we build, we launch and maintain each aspect of your project.  This includes finding and managing the right 3rd party partners.


Web & Mobile Development


Our team has built web and mobile tech for about 14 years. We started back in the days when websites needed to be built from scratch. When mobile apps became a thing, we easily fit right into that tech. Some of our clients include, EY, Sprint, Xerox, Sony, USAA, Citigroup, Quark Games, and Sneak on the Lot.

We have built SaaS, LMS and eCommerce platforms as well as mobile gaming.

3D Modeling & Rendering


Our team has worked on various 3D modeling projects. From interior to exterior spaces, game environments, characters and 2D/3D animations. We don’t farm anything out, we handle all of it in house.



We start with a cohesive strategy. We make sure there is a brand, if not…we work with you to create it. To us a brand is more than a good logo. It is how you make people feel in all life cycles of your product/project.

We also project manage PPC and Digital Marketing campaigns.